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Happy Birthday Noora

Today we celebrate the birthday of my favourite person who also happens to be my sister Noora's. Every year we exchange letters on each other birthdays and I usually give her mine with a questionnaire. She answers hers then checks whether I got them right, which I always did.
So, this year I've decided to make it a bit challenging for myself because it's more fun this way. I put them down here incase any of you would like to join or just just use it for yourself.
What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?What's your dream job?What is your favourite Mythological character?Breakfast or Tea-time?What's your biggest fear or phobia?What's your favourite memory?Which Celebrity would you want as your best friend and why?Where do you want to travel the most?What's the best present you've ever recieved?Do you believe that Aliens exist?When was the worst time you've been physically hurt?If you had to live in another time period, When would it be?What…

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